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VELOHamburg Week

15 to 21 June 2020

unfortunately no longer possible

The registration deadline for the event has unfortunately expired.


VELOWeek instead of bicycle festivals: bicycle concept plans “Corona-immune” bicycle week



VELOHamburg 2020 had to be canceled due to the ban on major events that had been extended until August 31. But also and especially in times of the corona pandemic, the topic of bicycles is more important than ever, as a means of transport with sufficient distance and as a symbol for freedom.


As an alternative offer for exhibitors and cycling fans, the Hamburger Morgenpost and Velokonzept are therefore organizing the cross-media VELOHamburg Week for the first time from June 15 to 21, 2020.


Are you interested in the VELO Weeks in Berlin or Frankfurt?



The VELOHamburg Week

The VELOHamburg Week is a versatile information and dialogue platform on our favorite topic, bicycles, to bring exhibitors and cyclists together, even away from the trade fair.

So far, a virtual tour of the fair, product presentations, a test map, expert interviews and talks as well as articles on bicycle trends and innovations are planned. It will be published during the VELOWeek through all channels of the festivals: in social media and newsletters as well as on the website of the events, via a new VELO fan browser, in special publications in the newspapers of the organizers and media partners.

The VELOWeek program is scheduled to be released in early June.



On the following pages you will find a variety of participation options for your brand, your shop or your offer. Choose from social media and online campaigns, print ads, radio and podcast formats, virtual tours of the trade fair and much more.


We would be happy if you become part of VELOHamburg Week!


Your VELOHamburg team

This is what VELOHamburg Week offers

VELOWeek offers this to the exhibitors


Let the bike fans know about your products:

      - Print: A total of six special publications from 15 to 20 June 2020 will be published by the media partner Hamburger Morgenpost in the Hamburg area 
    - Social media campaigns are run on the Instagram / Facebook pages.You can become part of this campaign in a variety of ways.
    - The central source of information for our visitors is the VELOHamburg Week Fan Browser (AddIn for Chrome). There you have the opportunity to present your brand.


We offer you digital platforms so that you can

    -  get in direct contact with your fans (via zoom)
    - hold workshops (how do I plan a tour or similar, how do I find the right saddle)
    - give lectures
    - participate in panel discussions
    - conduct dealer training
    - virtually take visitors on a test drive you can host Meet & Greet (with your VIPs, brand ambassadors)


We deliver a virtual supporting program consisting of

    - A virtual festival tour with VELO-Gunnar
    - Interviews with selected exhibitors / testimonials
    - Lectures
    - Panel discussions
    - Podcasts
    - Articles (print and digital)
    - Workshops
      - We organize the booking of bicycle and accessory testing options at local retailer
      - Organization of further promotions such as competitions, sales of shopping vouchers and donation calls


Press work:

    - Virtual press conference
    - press releases



This is what VELOWeek offers visitors


    - Preliminary: Survey
    - All information is bundled in the VELOHamburg Week Fan Browser (AddIn for Chrome)

other channels are:

    - VELOHamburg Week Special Publications (print)
    - Social Media Campaign
    - VELOHamburg Website
    - Newsletter of VELOHamburg + Partner-Newsletter
    - Test opportunities at retailers on site
    - Lectures
    - Panel discussions
    - Workshops (DIY screwdriver workshops, ergonomics advice)
    - Community events (virtual tours and bike races)

Virtual tour of the fair

Within a YouTube video created by us, you have the opportunity to introduce yourself and your products.

Maximum time per exhibitor: 3 min.


Possible formats:

      - Recorded video interview with the exhibitor
      - Pre-made video presentation (e.g. product video) of the exhibitor
      - Info material will be sent to Velokonzept and will be presented in the video by Gunnar Reimann (if the information exceeds the 3 minutes, we can not guarantee, integrating all ).Quotes can be sent via WhatsApp and and integrated

- further suggestions? Speak to us.


Typical catalog of questions:

    - Who are you?What do you stand for?
    - What is your product? (What makes your product special? What is the benefit? Who is this product for? Price? ...)
    - Where, how, when can you buy the product? How can you contact us? Where can I find more information?


Every exhibitor of the virtual tour of the fair is linked under the video.


Deadline booking and delivery material: May 27, 2020

Maximum number of participants: 20 (maximum 60 min video)

Direct exchange with fans

Even in times of limited contact, we ensure a direct exchange between brands and fans. For this we use common video conference formats such as zoom. One week before the VELOHamburg Week, we offer a workshop for our exhibitors and brands.

TestMap: Test bicycles at the local retailer

The bicycle is important for our system! What we have known for a long time has now reached the general public. This means that bike shops stay open. And we ensure that your fans find their way to the right bike shop in their area so that they can test and buy their favorite bike there. You can have the following data listed on the TestMap: address, opening times, contact details, test bikes (brands)

VELOHamburg Fan Browser

The VELOHamburg Week Fan Browser is an extension for the "Chrome" browser. It is installed by the user by clicking on a link. So the VELO fan no longer misses any news on his favorite topics!


When opening the browser or a new browser tab, the VELO fan always starts with the VELO page, on which he is shown changing, attractive background photos of the hottest brands and the latest bike topics in 4K resolution. In addition to bookmarks and shortcuts to favorite sites, the VELO fan receives the latest news from the Instagram feed of VELOHamburg Week. The setting of the tab can also be individually adjusted by the VELO fan.


The VELOHamburg Week Fan Browser offers:

    - Visual contact with his customers several times a day
    - contact with a young target group
    - a framework designed by Velokonzept, in which brands are presented optimally and not too advertising-heavy.


You can book these slots on the VELOHamburg Week Fan Browser:

    - Wallpaper: 20 places for brands, 10 more are used editorially by Velokonzept
    - Bookmarks / shortcuts to the brand website: 5 places for brands, 5 places are used by Velokonzept and media partners


We talk to you for up to an hour about cycling, your products, the craziest experiences, bizarre events, and what is still possible in corona times.

    1 hour podcast: € 300

The finished podcast is then uploaded to Soundcloud and YouTube and advertised on our social media channels.

Deadline booking: May 27th, 2020

Maximum number of podcasts: 7 (maximum one per day)


Do you want the maximum range for your brand? We offer you this in the additional package "Sponsoring":

Logo placement on / in

    - the homepage t
    - he Facebook page i
    - inclusion of your page as a shortcut in the VELOHamburg Week Fan Page
    - six special publications in the Hamburger Morgenpost

Business program

Digital conference for commercial bicycle use


During the VELOWeek, More Cargobike GmbH brings together users, manufacturers, politics, initiatives and science and addresses everything related to “commercial bicycle use”. This exciting conference is intended to provide an up-to-date overview of commercial use of bicycles, to analyze potential, but also to generate ideas in order to utilize precisely this potential.


The conference will:

· Inform about projects and research results that have already been carried out

· Show best practice examples from companies that have already integrated bicycles and cargo bikes into their business processes

· Introduce companies that start again with the Corona crisis, for example.


Manufacturers also have the ideal opportunity here to present their solutions for commercial bicycle use and to actively contribute to the program.


A detailed series with various 10-minute interviews with various actors as well as a panel discussion are conducted and recorded via Zoom. In addition, there is the possibility in the Motion Lab Berlin (Hardware Innovation Hub & Makerspace) to carry out professional discussion rounds - live on site - in compliance with the distance regulations.


Use the conference to present your brand in an interview or in a panel discussion (as an additional service to the basic amount)

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