TRAVEL TALK 2020 - Call for Participation

4 September 2020

Messe Friedrichshafen




The call for participation (CfP) is your chance to participate in the 19th TRAVEL TALK at the EUROBIKE in Friedrichshafen. On 4th of September 2020 the international cycle tourism congress TRAVEL TALK brings together the players of the bicycle and tourism industry on an international. The TRAVEL TALK is the place to talk about the latest trends and innovations. The focus is on networking with representatives from the tourism sector (destinations, hotels, service providers) and the bicycle industry (industry, trade, associations), as well as media and bloggers.



The growing cycle tourism benefits from the megatrends of sustainability, ecological awareness and the sharing economy. These trends are different in urban, rural or alpine areas based on the different challenges and target groups. The 19th TRAVEL TALK creates synergies, mutual learning and illuminates the possibility of connecting urban, rural and alpine regions with digital and analogue concepts.

How do the different actors shape bicycle tourism in their destination with exciting collaborations? How are challenges overcome? What can a mountain bike region learn from a small town cycling concept? What role does cycle tourism play in reagrd to everyday routes and commuters? How can the synergies of the tourism, infrastructure and marketing be better exploited? Which sport events for MTB and E-MTB combine tourism and bicycle industry?


Why is the TRAVEL TALK your conference? 

Are you working on interesting concepts for cycle tourism in your city or region, are you a bicycle manufacturer with the best solutions for fleet management, or are you developing great new digital gadgets for the cycling tourism? Then the TRAVEL TALK is your event.


Velokonzept has been instructed to design and organize the TRAVEL TALK for the EUROBIKE. We want to make it interactive, so we are happy to receive your call for participation until March 20th 2020.


An international audience of experts is looking forward to get to know you and learn from the developments in your destination. This could be for example your innovative services and digital products, your approach to market new attractions, your new way of working with partners from other regions or the bicycle industry.

We are interested in innovative and exciting contributions for a B2B-audience. Therefore please no pure advertising or marketing lectures!


How can you get involved?


There are different formats at the TRAVEL TALK:


    - keynote speech (approx. 15 min.)
    - 3-minute pitch with the option to pitch for another 10 minutes afterwards.
    - Discussion (panel, fishbowl)
    - workshop (60 minutes)
    - networking format


In between there is a lot of time to get to know each other, exchange ideas and network in innovative formats. The core element of the day is our coffee break pitch. 10 different people pitch their project in 3 minutes, then there is a coffee break with a digital vote and the two most voted projects can present their project again in 10 minutes.


Your application for the call of participation is not a guarantee that the proposal will be included in the congress program.


If we select your contribution, you will receive free access to EUROBIKE. Fees and expenses are generally not paid.


We look forward to your ideas!


Isabell Eberlein and the TRAVEL TALK team


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Category / track

Let's get going. We want to know more about your project. Please assign your project to a category and select a suitable format for you. If you would like to suggest another session format to us, please use the text box.

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Title & abstract

Now you have the opportunity to present your project. We are much interested in your innovative and exciting contributions for the B2B-audience. Therefore please no pure advertising or marketing lectures but rahter your insightful experience on cycling tourism!


You don't have to use the limited space to present your project to us, it's about your uniqueness. What is the innovative, new thing about your project? Is it the actors,the technology or rather infrastructure? What are the success factors for your project? What obstacles did you have to overcome? What solutions do you offer for the tourism industry?



What is important to us? Our selection criteria are:


  • Up-to-date and relevant innovation adding value to the TRAVEL TALK
  • innovation and the attempt to make things new and different.
  • Reports about your success story, your best case
  • We exchange B2B views: with an open and trusting view on a professional level about opportunities and common challenges.
  • We pay attention to a balanced relationship between tourism
  • We want to consider all players in the bicycle industry, bicycle trade, service providers, tourism destinations, organizers, hoteliers, associations, media and bloggers.



Title & abstract

What does a good title and abstract look like?

A cool title can be helpful, but please also try to make it easy to understand what you are aiming for.


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Vita & Photo

We are eager get to know you. A short description about you and your experience in cycling tourism in regard to your project. Your vita has no influence on the selection, it only introduces you in the progam. If your contribution is selected, you agree that your description and photo will be published on the TRAVEL TALK Website.  Please make sure to include a high-resolution photo. Thank you!


Vita & Photo

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Additional presentation for your project

We design the conference rooms individually and would like to print some great cycling tourism motives on large canvases. If you have a great photo you'd like to share with us, please upload it. We cannot pay for the photo motive and you agree with the upload that the photo can be printed on canvas and hung up at the EUROBIKE in the conference rooms of TRAVEL TALK. You can also submit the photo later.

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