VELOHamburg 2020

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VELOHamburg 2020

16 May, 10:00 to 17 May 2020, 18:00

Rindermarkthalle St. Pauli

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Unfortunately, the event is already fully booked.

HowTo Booking

You think about being part of the VELOHambrug 2020? Of course we are very happy! Here is a brief overview of the booking procedure:


1. Exhibition areas:

The VELOHamburg in the historic Rindermarkthalle between St. Pauli and Schanzenviertel has two different exhibition areas: the covered deck on the 1st floor of the Rindermarkthalle and an open-air area in front of the Rindermarkthalle. Both sites are connected by a large ramp on which bikes, especially with electric drive, can be tested.


Category A: Indoor (Covered Deck), Outdoor: 76 € / sqm

booth height max. 3m


Category B: Outdoor: 76 € / sqm

Please techn. Observe guidelines, stand height max. 3m


Category C: VELOArt, startups, #handmade: 40 € / sqm

Please ask us for criteria. With this standard no discounts apply (neither early bird nor area discount).


VELO YoungStars

Bundled YoungStars indoor area with children's test course, bike race, outdoor pump track etc ...

 YoungStars is curated and looked after by Christopher Deschauer (

Further information can be found on the VELOEvents2020_Youngstars Factsheet (on the right side under Downloads).


2. Now select your desired booth.

To do this, download the current floor plans under DOWNLOAD on the right side of the sidebar and select a free booth.


3. Start with the booking

You will find in the course of the booking process all further information on electricity, parking, trade fair furniture, etc. before you complete the booking! You can cancel the booking process at any time.


4. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Kim (on the right you will find her contact details).


5. Exhibitor passes:


You will receive the following number (see table) of exhibitor passes for free.

In addition ordered exhibitor passes will cost EUR 10.00, - plus VAT. invoiced per pass.


qm       kostenfreie Ausstellerausweise

0-5         2

6-19       3

20-30      4

31-40      5

41-50      6

51-70      7

71-90      8

91-110   10

111-130  11

131-150  12

151-170  13

171-190  14

191-210  15

211-230  16

231-250  17

251-270  18

271-290  19

291-310  20

311-330  21



6. Electricity and parking prices


Electricity - 1,8 kW/8A, AC 230V, inkl. 1 Schuko Stecker: EUR 99,-


Parking car EUR 29,-

Parking Truck / Sprinter EUR 54,-

VELO YoungStars

Taking children (bicycles) seriously at last - with this claim we celebrated the premieres of the YoungStars events in Berlin, Hamburg and Frankfurt with great success in 2019. woom, taXXi, Scandinavian Sidebike, S'cool, Pyro, Mona & Co, Leg & Go, Kubikes, Kania, Islabikes, Giant, freh kids fashion, Eightshot, Cube, Croozer and Bungi Bungi moved in and filled the YoungStars Areas with life and great products ,


YoungStars will cover the entire spectrum again in 2020: whether it's about transporting the youngest offspring, the first bike, or mountain bikes and racing bikes that win races. Manufacturers, retailers and other players involved in the theme of children and youth are offered an equally relaxed and focused environment for meeting their family target group in person, getting into conversation and presenting their offerings.


We give children, adolescents and parents the space they deserve. With the opportunity to specifically inform and try out - but also with opportunities to join, watch, relax or play.


In short: VELO YoungStars is all about ...

• Children's and youth bikes
• Equipment, clothing, accessories
• Child trailer and transport


Program & Promotions VELO YoungStars

• large test tracks and action course childcare with bike course
• Bike shows and workshops, activities
• wheel race and children's racing bike
• Parent care: Café, summer garden, seating
• Placement with other topics Special Cargobike

YoungStars is curated and looked after by Christopher Deschauer - inventor of - the internet platform on which parents can use the body measurements of their child to search suitable wheels for their offspring in seconds.


Velo Hamburg

Bundled YoungStars indoor area with children's test course, bike race, outdoor pump track etc ...

→ 76 € / m² for the stand space (NEW: media fee is included)

→ Early bird discount 5% to 30.11.2019


If you book all three VELO events at the same time you will receive 5% discount on the sum of the area prices!


Special package VELO YoungStars


The special package offers you the opportunity to be present at the VELO events on a YoungStars shared area even without your own stand:

  • Stand area about 6 square meters: 3 children's bikes and possibly a Rollup / Beachflag within the special area
  • Display of catalogs / promo material
  • Storage & transport of the exhibits between the VELO events
  • Assembly and disassembly and presentation in attractively designed communal area
  • Supervision of the common area and consultation of the visitors by Christopher Deschauer


all 3 events: → 1.800 € plus 19% VAT (600 € per event)

2 events: → 1.400 € plus 19% VAT (700 € per event)

1 event: → 800 € plus 19% VAT



Visitors of the VELOHamburg 2019

Information will follow soon.

Extract tech. guideline

Below you will find some technical guidelines summarized. If you have any questions, please read the complete technical guidelines or write to us at: You can find the technical guidelines in the right menu under "Downloads".


Booth construction:


• The following trades may only be carried out by the service partner of the organizer: electrical installations, operation of cranes and industrial trucks.
• The hall floor has a slight incline. Please bring material for height compensation if necessary.
• The use of tents and tent roofs for the booth design is generally problematic indoors, since these roofs affect the effect of the sprinkler system. Booth covers on the upper floor are to be approved by the organizer for this reason.
• Smoking is not allowed on the entire upper floor.
• Booths with a floor area of up to 100m² require an exit with a clear width of at least 0.90m, with a floor area of more than 100m ² two exits with one clear width of each 0.90m.
• The booth space is marked by the organizer. Minor deviations from the sent outline must be expected. Each exhibitor is obliged to inform himself on site about location, dimensions and any installations such as pillars, electrical connection boxes, etc. Booth boundaries must be strictly adhered to.
• Booth structures that are not approved, that do not comply with the technical guidelines or the laws must be amended or eliminated if necessary. If not performed in time, the organizer is entitled to make changes himself at the exhibitor's expense or to block the booth for visitors.



Additional information Outdoor area:


Booth in the outdoor area are subject to approval

• in multi-storey buildings,
• Booths with platforms accessible to visitors
• Special constructions
• Flying buildings
• Booths or areas where open fires of any kind, pyrotechnics or lasers are used
• Drilling or anchoring is not permitted throughout the property.
• The provision of suitable extinguishing agents to combat incipient fires is always recommended to every exhibitor. On the other hand, when using an open fire, a floor space of more than 30m² or a multi-storey construction, it is imperative to carry out


What's new?

The VELOHamburg 2020 brings some innovations - here is a brief overview


The booking is digital

This gives you the opportunity to view your registration at any time at a glance and make additional bookings or changes.


There is no separate marketing fee

This was allocated on the square meter price. In addition, the listing of your logo in the online brand directory has been included in the square meter price.


Simplified booking and planning process

Please let us know when booking, which booth and which standard do you wish.

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