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VELOBerlin 2020

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VELOBerlin 2020

18 April, 10:00 to 19 April 2020, 18:00

Flughafen Tempelhof


The VELOBerlin celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2020!


Various indoor and outdoor exhibition possibilities, countless test tracks and an inspiring festival program with races, stage talks and bike shows make the VELOBerlin the most important cycling festival in Europe.


Visitors: 20,000

Exhibitors & Brands: 300/500

Area m2: 10,000 indoor, 10,000 covered outdoor, 10,000 open air

Booth prices: per m2 40 - 95 €

Organizer: Messe Friedrichshafen, bicycle concept



HowTo Booking

You think about being part of the VELOBerlin 2020? Great! Here is a brief overview of the booking procedure:


1. Exhibition areas:

The VELOBerlin in the former Tempelhof Airport has a large number of different exhibition areas - from indoor area in the hangars for a representative appearance to the outdoor area in the festival area - covered and uncovered.

Here is an overview:


Category A: 85 € / sqm

INDOOR hangar 5 & 6; please no tents, beach flags, etc., trucks are allowed on individual assessment, please check the techn guidelines, booth height max. 4m


Category B VELOSpecial: 95 € / sqm

INDOOR / OUTDOOR combination of exhibition stand (inside) and test box (outside), from 40 m², Attention: limited stand space! Indoor please no tents, beach flags or similar, trucks are allowed on individual assessment, please check the techn guidelines, booth height max. 4m


Category C: 60/50 * € / sqm

OUTDOOR under the canopy, tents, beach flags, trucks, etc. are expressly welcomed, please check the techn. guidelines, both height max. 4m (*reduced price while booking an indoor booth)


Category D: 45 € / sqm

OUTDOOR in the uncovered festival area, tents, beach flags, trucks, etc. are expressly welcomed, please check the techn. guidelines, both height max. 4m


Category E: 40 € / sqm

VELOArt, startups, #handmade, VELOKids and special exhibition areas, criteria can be requested from us.


Category F: on request

For clubs, groups, charity – only on request(without marketing performance & logo entry)


Categrory G: VELO YoungStars

Bookingoptions will follow soon.


2. Now select your desired area.

To do this, download the current floor plans under DOWNLOAD on the right side of the sidebar and select a free area.


3. Start with the booking

You will find in the progress of the booking process all further information on electricity, parking, fair furniture etc - before you finish the booking! You can cancel the booking process at any time.


4. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Katja (on the right you will find her contact details).


VELO YoungStars

YoungStars is since 2019 the new area 100% dedicated to the young (cycling) generation, which in

2019 will complement the CARGO & FAMILY special which has been successful for years.

Whether it's transporting the youngest offspring, his or her first bicycle, or mountain and

road bikes winning races, YoungStars covers the entire spectrum.


Manufacturers, retailers and other protagonists involved in the topic are offered a relaxed

and focused environment in order to meet their target group in person (children and

parents!), to talk to each other and to present their products.


We offer children, adolescents and parents the space they deserve. With the opportunity to get

specific information - with its own TESTIVAL areas and opportunities for participation, watching,

relaxing or playing.


Brief: At VELO YoungStars, everything centers around …

  • Bicycles for kids and youngsters
  • Equipment, clothing, accessories
  • Trailers and transport
  • Program & Action at VELO YoungStars
  • Large test tracks and action parcours
  • Child care with balance bike track
  • Bike shows and workshops, join-in activities
  • Balance Bike Race and Kids Bike Race
  • Café, summer garden, seating for the parents
  • Combinded presentations with the Cargobike Special

Visitors to the VELOBerlin 2019

Information will follow soon.

Extract tech. guideline

Below you will find an extract of our technical guidelines. If you have any questions, please read the complete technical guidelines or Mail us: You can find the technical guidelines in the right menu under "Downloads".


Please implement an open stand design. On the part of the organizer, cables are routed over the floor, which may need to be overbuilt by the exhibitors.


The use of vehicles of any kind and containers as stand components in the hangars require the approval of the organizer. The legal and technical guidelines regarding the placement of vehicles can be seen in paragraph 6.6 of the VELOBerlin technical guidelines.


The use of gas-powered vehicles is not permitted at any time (see also section 6.5 of the technical guidelines)


The construction height is limited to 4.0 m


Booths, exhibits and advertisement in the outdoor area are subject to approval by the organizer from a construction height of 2.50 m and above. Informative scale drawings (floor plan with dimensions and building specifications) must be submitted to the organizer four weeks before the start of construction (see para. 5.3., 5.4). The contents of the submitted documents are definite for the exhibitors.


The use of plastic cable ties for attaching statically stressed parts is not permitted. Suspensions on the hall roof may only be carried out by the service provider appointed by the organizer. Please note that inside the hangars there also can be a wind situation when hangar doors are opened. Therefore, booths standing inside must also have sufficient ballast value (see also section 5.5.2).


All stand construction materials, with the exception of planed wood> 18 mm, must be flame retardant in accordance with DIN 4102 or DIN EN 13501-1 at least Class B1 or B, C-s3 or according to product-specific standards. All test certificates concerning the fire protection classes of the stand construction materials used, their delivery notes and a declaration of conformity of the exhibitor are to be sent to the organizer up to two weeks before the event and to be kept ready in a folder on site.


The use of fuel gas such as propane or butane is not permitted on the premises.

Beach flags or similar, as well as tents (Easy-Up or similar) are allowed for stand construction or for decoration purposes only outdoors (VELOFestival)


The venue is a historic monument. Interventions in the structure and damage are not permitted. Adhesive tape must be removable without residue (see also section 2.8 f of the technical guidelines).

The use of drones is not permitted (see also paragraph 2.12 of the technical guidelines).


Safety equipment of the building must be kept permanently clear and ready to use. Booth sizes of 100 square meters and above need to provided additional fire extinguishers (par. 06.03.)


Own public address systems on the stands must be coordinated with the organizer at an early stage; in general, only suitable electrical equipment may be used which has been tested and marked in accordance with VDE regulations and bears the CE mark.

(Section 6.13 of the technical guidelines)


Please send us your additional services order (e.g. power connection, booth security, etc.) by 28.03.2020


What's new?

The VELOBerlin 2020 comes with some new features - here is a brief overview


Technical guidelines


B1 certificate

The VELOBerlin takes place in a listed building that does not have a fire-extinguishing system. This means that all items used must be certified with B1 level, especially tents, carpets and larger items. In addition, the fire load must be kept as low as possible, ie no storage of packaging material on the exhibition area.


Ballasting the outdoor tents

At the airport Tempelhof there are high wind loads. Please pay attention to a sufficient ballast of your tent!


We will demand appropriate certificates in advance and reserve the right, under certain circumstances, not to authorize the construction of a stand or to initiate the dismantling on site.




First come, first serve

This year, fast-decision-makers are rewarded by being able to choose their favorite place.


Exhibitor canteen

No more waiting in front of the Coffeebike! We will set up an exclusive exhibitor canteen in Hangar 5 for you. Food orders can be made here soon.

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Space Booking

Please click on the checkbox for more booking options.  

Exhibitor - Booth booking

Please take a look at DOWNLOADS (on the right) at the current floor plans and choose the desired booth space!


The square meter price includes the marketing share (formerly: marketing fee), WLAN and logo entry of the brand(s) in the online and print brand directory, but excluding partitions, booth construction, electricity, carpet etc.


Additional services such as electricity, parking, carpet, cleaning, exhibition furniture can be booked from November 2019.


The prices are exclusive of VAT.


After booking, the booth booking can only be changed by phone or email. All other bookings can be changed online here.

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